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Office: Room 905, Weifeng Bldg, Baoan Rd No.6301, Qiaotou Community, Fuyong St., Baoan District, Shenzhen Guangdong 518103 China

Factory: Shizhi Industrial Park, No. 362-2 Middle of Shihua Road, Daya Bay, Huizhou

Phone: +8613928411539


Tel: +86-75523036376

Fax: +86-75523049276

E-mail: sales@cyypcb.com


◆ 2005.07   CYY(HK)Electronics Limited was established in Hongkong.

◆ 2005.09    PCB overseas marketing department of CYY(HK) was established.

◆ 2005.12    CYY invested 9 million HKD to set up a factory in Shenzhen China named "Shenzhen CYY Electronics Limited".
 Production ability is about 1,200,000 square feet per month. 

◆ 2006.10    CYY's turnover reached to 8.2million HKD. Meanwhile,domestic marketing department has been established.

◆ 2009.07    CYY invested 12 million HKD ,  move the factory to the west zone of Daya Bay in Huizhou and established
 Huizhou Liandajin Electronics Co.Ltd. At the same time, CYY purchased advanced machine, introduced advanced managerial
 talents.The design capability achieved 150,000 square feet per month. 

◆ 2011.05    CYY completed technical reconstruction and  the annual value achieved to 160 million HK dollar at the first time.

◆ 2011.05    CYY passed UL certificate.

◆ 2012.01    Huizhou factory passed certificate of  ISO 9001:2008

◆ 2012.07    CYY passed certificate about ISO TS16949:2009 

◆ 2012.09    CYY passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

◆ 2012.09    CYY Senior hired the management institutions to transform the company’s management system,then established
 all-round lean production.

◆ 2012.12    It was formed a market pattern about Asia-Pacific ,North America, Europe and Domestic markets departement
 by CYY(HK) Electronics Limited,Shenzhen CYY Electronics Limited and Huizhou Liandajin Electronics Co.Ltd.

◆ 2013.05    It formed a strategic agreement between Shenzhen CYY Electronics Limited and Shenzhen Lancer Electronics Limited.
 We expanded the production scale, introduced advanced equipments,improved technical level in order to provide customers
 one-stop service ,such us PCB layout,material purchasing,PCB fabrication,PCBA.

◆ 2015.12    CYY invested 50 million to purchased advanced machines and relocated plant, greatly improved the degree of
 automation, extensive use of robotic operations,  to adapt to the development of the times,  cut the site workers to 40%,
 greatly improved production efficiency and quality.

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