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Office: Room 905, Weifeng Bldg, Baoan Rd No.6301, Qiaotou Community, Fuyong St., Baoan District, Shenzhen Guangdong 518103 China

Factory: Shizhi Industrial Park, No. 362-2 Middle of Shihua Road, Daya Bay, Huizhou

Phone: +8613928411539


Tel: +86-75523036376

Fax: +86-75523049276

E-mail: sales@cyypcb.com


【Business philosophy】

Talent and technology-based, lean production, for customers to be successful and gaining value-added! 

【Environmental policy】

Green production, regulatory compliance, pollution prevention, continuous improvement! 

【Company Vision】

Pursuit of both the substance and spirit of all the staff with happy, decent life, the dignity of work, to create a sustained growth, a respected international e-business group, to contribute to human and social development and progress.

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