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Office: Room 905, Weifeng Bldg, Baoan Rd No.6301, Qiaotou Community, Fuyong St., Baoan District, Shenzhen Guangdong 518103 China

Factory: Shizhi Industrial Park, No. 362-2 Middle of Shihua Road, Daya Bay, Huizhou

Phone: +8613928411539


Tel: +86-75523036376

Fax: +86-75523049276

E-mail: sales@cyypcb.com


  CYY(HK) Electronics Co., Limited , Founded in 2005,  is a service company with high-tech , provide designing , manufacturing and one-stop service for the customers. 

  As the core enterprise of CYY Group Electronics business, we are devoting to build the global leading PCB value-added services professional brand—“CYY”.  CYY’s team with extensive production experience and management capacity, are Vigorous and healthy ;  and have a  organization charm with system、harmony and clarity; and cover a global sales & customer service channels; Advanced  production and testing equipment; Nearly 12 years of quick service experience; Standardized & efficient quality assurance and service operating  system; perfected enterprise Culture ---- “Harmony、Tolerance 、Passion、Innovation ”

  Nearly 1500 companies have become our customers or friends, our products are exported to  Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia and other regions. We have a deep understanding of customer’s requirement,  emphasis on the detail and response speed to ensure stable quality , provide one-stop service.

  CYY set up offices and branches in Shanghai, Wuhan, Beijing, Huizhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, to provide PCB manufacturing and technology supports, in the area of Telecommunication, Consumer electronics, Aerospace, and Industrial control, Medical, Power, Science & Education and National defense, mainly manufacture double-sided with the high-precision and multilayer printed circuit boards up to 18 layers, and other PCB , Like : environmental protection board, thick gold, buried / blind hole, high frequency, metal based, metal core, flat resistance, the high TG with thick copper, mixed media, Rigid-flex specialty board and so on. 

  After  years of efforts, the company market share and output are expanded rapidly, CYY's good management mechanism and service concept support  our technology innovation, has tackled  many difficult  manufacturing capacity, eg : the high-frequency PTFE Series sheet production and processing technology; high TG thick copper, 3.5mil/4mil line width& line spacing; 18-layers HDI board with density interconnection, flat resistance, mixed media, rigid-flex board, monthly output is more than 15,000 ㎡, product follow the quality certification of the Great Wall of China and the United States IPC, MILUL standards. CYY has advanced &matching processing equipment, such as AOI test machine with high-precision, the quadratic element testing machine, parallel exposure machine, the Ke Ludi etching machine with high precision, Hitachi CNC Drilling machine made in Japan, which will have  a good hardware supports to provide first-class service for customers at home and abroad. 

  At present,  the development of PCB speed up, and competitive increase intensely,  CYY in the “diligent and pragmatic, assiduous, and calm and attentive “for service mentality to win customer’s support and trust, we cherish the customer's needs and trust.

  Thanks for your supports to CYY !

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