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Factory: Shizhi Industrial Park, No. 362-2 Middle of Shihua Road, Daya Bay, Huizhou

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Rigid-flex PCB
Shenzhen Polyimide Flexible Printed Circuit Board FPC Customized Rigid-Flex PCB
Detailed introduction:

Welcome to CYY Electronics CO., LTD  ( CYYPCB )


 ~ Your reliable FPC manufacturer in China ! ~ 

We are professional PCB manufacturer over ten years experiences . Products range-single, double side ,multi-layer PCB ,flexible PCB and MCPCB.

We can provide fast prototype service – S/S in 24hrs , 4-8layers in 48-96 working hrs production time.


²     1~16L Rigid Board, Rigid-Flex, FPC and MCPCB Production

²     OEM & ODM

²    18 Years Experiences on the Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing 

²     Certificate: UL / ISO9001 / ISO14001 / TS16949 / ROHS / SGS

²     Markets : Europe, North America, South America, Asia, etc.

Shenzhen Polyimide Flexible Printed Circuit Board FPC Customized Rigid-Flex PCB

Product Description

PCB boards

Layers:  1-30 layer

Material: FR4 , CEM-1, 94v0, High TG150-170, Aluminum, Polymide

Board thickness:  0.2-5mm

Copper:  0.5-3oz

Min holes: 0.2mm for drill

Min line/space: 4mil/4mil

Sloder mask: Green, Red, White, Yellow, Black, Blue,Mat Green...

Silkscreen:  White, Yellow, Black, Red

Surface finish: HAL/HAL Leedfree,ENIG,Plating gold,Chem Tin/Ag,OSP/

Outline Profile: CNC routing/V-Cut/Belveling/Punching

100% E-test:  Flying probe test, Fixing testing jig

Customed our products based on your need: material, specification, etc.



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